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New and Used Auto Parts in Illinois

Looking to save even more on your used auto parts… As of JULY 1st 2018, U PULL IT is NO LONGER available. 

Body Shops and Service Centers can access our inventory Here.

Located between Chicago and Milwaukee our full service facility can deliver you a professionally salvaged and warrantied used part for your body shop or automotive service center.

When your vehicle is in need of repairs,

BC Automotive has both new and used auto parts in Illinois. BC Automotive ships nationally and offers a range of used and new auto and truck parts. This is a chance to save big when repairing a car. Forget high-priced repairs when a car or truck has broken down. We offer affordable options. Contacting BC Automotive helps people and mechanics fix the car on a budget. Search our used auto parts inventory to find the part you need.

6-month warranty on used auto parts

BC Automotive stands by its products. This is why we offer a 6 month warranty. There are also extended warranty options. We understand that customers need products that will keep the car or truck on the road. This is why our used and new parts are protected by such programs. We want customers to know that we specialize in customer satisfaction. There is no part that is too hard to find. All customers have to do is give us a call and we will get to work finding the parts and working out delivery or shipping.

bc-happy-customersBy working with BC Automotive, customers can be sure that delivery is quick and easy. In fact, folks who are local to Zion, IL can expect free delivery that happens in the blink of an eye. BC Automotive works with people around the nation to connect repair and body shops with the best new and used auto shops. BC Automotive even offers a used auto parts locating service to help mechanics find what they need when repairing all types of cars and trucks.

No matter the part, BC Automotive can find it

We inventory used, new, rebuilt, and aftermarket parts for a wide range of cars and trucks. Even hard-to-find parts can be found. This is why it is smart for customers to call our toll free customer service number: 800-452-6768. Our experienced staff will walk customers through the part search process. We will always be honest about the time it will take to find and deliver the needed piece. Thus, mechanics can be accurate when working with their own customers and people always know what to expect. We are here to help people get their vehicles back on the road. Customers can be sure that they are working with a reliable group. After all, our warranties say it all. We buy cars in any condition from any year.
Nothing is to old or to new!
We offer free pick up and pay cash on the spot!

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The BC Automotive Way

Many Delivery Options

BC Automotive offers both National and International shipping, some restrictions apply.

Industry Leading Warranty

Most of our competitors only offer at most a 90 Day Warranty. Here at BC Automotive we offer 6 Month Warranty. We also offer extended warranties.

Exceptional Parts Locating Service

Having trouble finding the correct part for your car, let us help.

Exceptional Parts Locating Service

Having trouble finding the correct part for your car, let us help.

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